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To the sad, sad person who took down my baby’s memorial.

Three years ago when our baby boy died, rather than shut ourselves out to the world, we chose every day to grieve openly, to share his story and allow others to process their own grief with Sebby in mind.

Northern Beaches Council, and many Councils no doubt, allow families to do this by putting up plaques in special places where people, everyone in the community, can sit and not only think of those special people on the plaques, but think about their own loved ones who are no longer here.

I remember the day Seb’s plaque was put in, 11 February 2019, the lovely man who did it said that for the 20 years of doing his job, this was one of the most beautiful spots.

He held his work hat in his hand for a moment after he finished and stood with us in silence as we remembered Sebby.

We created that special place for Sebby and hundreds of people have since enjoyed this space, and reached out to us to learn more about his story and to share theirs with us.

Our friends and family see this as a place where they can visit Seb, feel his energy and, like our kids, paddle in the water and imagine him being with us.

We are always buoyed when strangers have left him feathers or flowers, or we collect little notes and other items. The most special pieces we left hanging in the trees, so lovingly laid in his memory.

What simple, joyous interactions this space has created.

But you couldn’t see any light in this.

Your darkness washed over it as you haphazardly and quickly (obviously afraid of judgment) cut the ties and ripped away all the precious trinkets that others left there for our baby boy. You weren’t even considerate enough to cut the strings completely, leaving them tied to the trees.

This memorial has clearly not affected you for two and a half years whole years, which leads me to believe that you have only done this because you saw it on Facebook recently. You have never even seen it before.

How sad and small is your life that the things you see on Facebook drive your actions?

When the rest of the community choose to celebrate Seb’s life and send us love and positivity when they see his rock, you have sat there and steamed smoke from your own ears and ruminated over malicious ways to make a grieving family feel victimized for no reason.

You have STOLEN trinkets that were lovingly curated (some handmade by other children) and laid there for my baby boy. I don’t imagine that you do have a conscience, but PLEASE if you have not thrown these precious items, please anonymously drop them to Elanora Heights post office so they can be safely returned to my family.

If you have in fact thrown them in the bin, your callous small-mindedness has shocked me. To think that someone in this beautiful community exists with such hatred in their heart truly saddens me.

Of all the times where we need small beacons of hope, lovely spaces (like Sebby’s Rock) which do no harm to others, 2021 is that time.

Sebby’s Rock is not about us. It’s not even about him. It’s a place that symbolises love for people who are no longer with us. Every person in every home face death and grief in some way during their life. Having a physical space for people to grieve is something to be celebrated.

For you to tear down other people’s love for my son with such malice is disgusting, I hope you are ashamed.

Ashamed that you could actively attack a baby boy for no reason.

If you could only see that this community, is one of love, support, and protection, maybe you could improve your own life somewhat and disrupt some of the hate that breeds within you.

With sadness in my heart,

Sebby’s Mum

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