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My greatest achievment

1 Ed and Seb

Welcome to The Griefy Way, I am Edwina.


I am a mother of two beautiful boys and a baby girl. One boy thrives in my home, and one floats above in The Griefy Way. 

​Our firstborn son Sebby left this earth when he was 10 months old. It's a tragedy that he is no longer here.  ​Our second son Dash is the breath of fresh air our family waited for after we lost Sebby; he is an absolute delight and everything we could imagine for a 'Rainbow baby'. The boys never got to meet as I was 17 weeks pregnant with Dash when we lost Sebby, but we know they play together always. 


And our baby girl Elodie is a unique gift to our family, her zest for life and independence teaches us something new each day. We feel "complete" as a family now, but we look at her and wonder if, without Seb, she would even have existed.


So Sebby is her reason for being. 

​Motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever been handed. But in this role, I have been dealt the hardest blow. When I was learning to grieve my son, I found it hard to find places that celebrate the small people we have lost, rather than highlight the fact that we lost them. I wanted to find stories about how the children played, lived, and thrived before their untimely deaths. 

These parts of their story are the most important. 


So here, you will learn about my gorgeous Sebby, and the way I have navigated life as a mother without a child. 

​The loss of Sebby does not define him, nor me as a mother. Every day is a challenge. I chose to keep moving through life, but without him under my wing, it is hard.

I am not alone.

​There are many bereaved parents out there, searching for a small slice of peace, joy, or anything that can relieve our pain for a short time. If you have found me because you too have lost your child, I am so sorry for your loss, and I am here for you. 

There is no template for what we should be, how we should look, or how we should act after we lose a child.


Some of us can be strong; others won't rise every day; we will all cry. Every response is perfect, so don't doubt that you aren't doing ok.

​I know this load is heavy and I am here to share it with you. If you need my support, even just for a moment, please reach out. 


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