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Where I found support

This is a library of reading, listening and other bits and pieces that I stumbled upon during my first year of grief. They aren’t strictly about child loss, but generally are about a loss of some kind. Grief is such a common part of life, but many are so confused by its presence. The more we learn and talk about it, the softer it will become. 

I would love this to be an interactive, burgeoning list of knowledge. My friends often send me recommendations that resonate with me,  I am happy to add your recommendations too, as learning that we are not alone is a huge step in learning to live with our grief. 

Each resource can be clicked for more information


We benefitted greatly from employing a professional grief counsellor. If that is available to you, it would be my number one recommendation to invest in. Having someone neutral to unload your feelings onto is truly lightening. It allows you to explore and navigate the confusing emotions which dominate your mind. 

Many workplaces now offer EAP (Employee Assistance Programs), which are entirely confidential and can provide great support in difficult circumstances. I met our grief therapist whilst using the EAP service years ago.  

There are also several parent support groups to be found in your region. Due to the circumstances of Seb's death, we found this group quite confronting, and it does bring on a lot of emotion; the empathy I felt for the other mothers was overwhelming to me, which meant that I did not attend regularly. But I can see how these groups would be an asset to many. 

All of the below services are within Australia, please see your local guides for support in different regions.

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