We all can be Heroes

We are extraordinarily proud to know that our Sebby died a lifesaver.


On the day he died, 31 July 2018 his kidneys were fused together and transplanted into a young adult. This person had been on dialysis for many years, and this surgery changed theirs, and their families future.

In Australia, Organ donation is an opt-in system.


In independent surveys, 69% of responders said that they would donate, yet only 30% have opted in. This registration is no longer part of the RTA, so understandably a very low number of young people are registered. 

In time, we hope to have this law changed (to become an opt-out system) to come into line with many other countries and increase the rates of registration.

This topic is one that causes some interesting emotions to arise, what people need to know is that only 1-2% of people that die in a controlled hospital situation are even eligible to donate. So, if Australia's rate of registration is doubled, that number then only rises to 2-3% of all hospital deaths. 

The message I am so keen to communicate is that being an organ donor is an improbable task. So many stars need to align. The chance of it happening to your family is extremely low. But up to 100 Australians die each year, waiting for an organ transplant.


Your organs are no good to you in death, but like Sebby, if you are registered, you can be a lifesaver. 

To read more statistics and check that you are registered, please visit donatelife.gov.au.