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Mum my, Sally

If my mum was here, she would be 70 today.

She wasn’t here to see her three children grow. She didn’t watch us finish primary school let alone further endeavours, she didn’t see her three children marry, or hold our tiny babes with pride when they arrived. She died before her parents, too so didn’t get to nurture them in their last moments.

Melanoma stole an enormous amount of her life. It stole her from an even more enormous amount of mine.

I grew up without her. I don’t know her. It’s a loss that isn’t available to me but now that I am a parent I can’t come close to imagining the pain she felt in the weeks before she left this earth.

Somehow I have to believe that her and Sebby are together. Now and always. That even though so much life was taken from her,

each day she gets to be the daughter, mother and grandmother she never got to be down here.

I know that if she has that opportunity she would be happy, which is my hope.

Happy Birthday mum. I so wish that we were together for longer. 🧁 ❤️🥂

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